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Proofreading or proof-editing?

Proofreading is more than simply correcting spelling and grammar.

In the traditional publishing process, proofreading is late in the production cycle; after an editor has applied their changes to the author’s work and a typesetter has put the pages together, the proofreader ensures that all previously agreed editorial changes have been applied and that the pages have been compiled accurately. This includes checking that tables and images are rendered correctly and that the layout is according to the specified style, as well as making necessary revisions to punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Smaller organisations, self-publishers and those producing purely digital material may condense the formal editing and proofreading stages to a single stage of proof-editing to ensure a consistent presentation of their material. This requires more intervention than traditional proofreading.

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English language localisation services

Why does ‘quite a few’ mean pretty much the same as ‘quite a lot’ in this rich, but slightly crazy, language?

English language services can improve work written by authors for whom English is a second language, giving a more natural flow to a document and ensuring an unambiguous use of idioms.


Most of my work is performed using the MS Word track changes facility. This allows me to make amendments as necessary and insert any queries or comments that the author will need to address themselves.

I am equally happy reviewing PDFs on-screen providing mark-up according to your requirements in plain English or using BSI proof correcting stamps. I also work with paper proofs using BSI proof correction symbols.


My fees are in line with the suggested rates of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and will depend on the nature of the text, the level of intervention and the service required (e.g. whether or not formatting of the text and/or references will also be necessary).

To obtain an indicative quote, please provide an approximate word count, the type of document and your timescales. Supplying a representative sample of the work will allow me to determine the likely level of intervention required and so refine your quote.

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