My own area of study is physics and I am comfortable proofreading work from within any scientific, technical and mathematical discipline. I also work with students of linguistics, geomatics and medicine.


With the authorisation of your college or university, I proofread essays, reports, dissertations and theses (usually subject to a 3,000 word minimum).

This service includes:

  • correcting typographical and grammatical errors
  • checking structure of mathematical content
  • ensuring consistency of formatting (e.g. headings, sub-headings, fonts and font sizes) and completeness in regards to inserted figures, tables, graphs
  • ensuring coherence and accuracy of language usage for non-native English speakers.

This does not include:

  • substantive editing (major rewriting of content)
  • restructuring of content
  • making comment on the validity of academic arguments
  • checking accuracy of equations.

Please note that the work remains your own and no guarantees will be made regarding the final mark that you will receive on a given piece of work.


I proofread and copy-edit works of non-fiction, journal submissions and funding proposals, in particular ensuring the most appropriate use of the English language within the context of STEM subjects.


To obtain an indicative quote, please provide an approximate word count, the type of document and your timescales. Supplying a representative sample of the work will allow me to determine the likely level of intervention required and so refine your quote.

Please contact me here.