Proofreading and copy-editing of your work ensures consistency of language, tense and internal referential integrity as well as removing the potentially distracting grammatical errors that can creep in when your story is in full flow. As a keen reader of many genres, particularly crime, I love the creative use of the language employed by different authors and understand the importance of allowing you to retain your distinctive voice. I look forward to working with your scripts, novels and short stories aimed at adults or children.

This service includes:

  • correcting typographical and grammatical errors
  • ensuring consistency of usage and spelling of names, places, etc.

while allowing your style to shine through.


To obtain an indicative quote, please provide an approximate word count, the type of document and your timescales. Supplying a representative sample of the work will allow me to determine the likely level of intervention required and so refine your quote.

Please contact me here.